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Things To Do On a Sunday

by CA Karishma

People get so busy with their daily mundane activities of life, that they just cannot think of any exciting ‘stuffs’ on weekends; specially on Sundays. Normal scenario of weekends are usually getting up late, and having a brunch (and not a breakfast). This is followed by watching television, till lunch is ready and again going back to the T.V until it’s time for supper. The next morning – it’s time to get to work! It’s too late to realize that the weekend has been wasted and a long wait of 5 days lies between you and your next one. Life goes on in this same fashion and very few of us can enjoy the real taste of ‘All play and no work!’ So, do not let your weekends and specially Sundays get wasted for no reason. Use the following tips for the best things to do on a Sunday.

Some Great Ideas

Read Books
It has always been said that a person, apart from doing his daily job, should also have a habit of reading books. It may be ‘very boring’ for some, but if you are the kinda guy who likes to spend his free time at home, then there is nothing like reading a fiction or a non-fiction novel.

Enough of writing, typing, ‘moving the mouse’, adjusting the seat now and then, testing if the headphone is working or not and similar kinds of activities for the entire week! Time to give those bones a boost of energy and workouts! Benefits of playing sports are many. Indulging in your favorite sport not only gives the body a healthy vibe, but helps in developing a sound mind. It also helps a person to perform better in his work and develop a ‘feel good factor!’

Be a Nature freak
Trees, greenery, rivers, streams and sound of birds chirping, fill the heart with lightness and tranquility. The ‘whoosh’ of the wind brushing through the thickets of forests, always sounds better than the ‘click click’ of the computer keyboard. The singing of birds play a wonderful tune; far better than the always ringing cell phone. Well, there is nothing like enjoying nature and watching the sun rays produce some magical effects in the water and surroundings.

Meet Up Old friends
‘Long time, no see!’ is the usual start of a conversation, when best pals meet each other after a long time! We literally become so ‘busy as a bee’ in our work, that we do not have even a minute to know about the well-being of our dearest friends. So call up your dearest friends and meet up in your favorite place. Perhaps, a restaurant or a beach or the place where you and your pals used to hang out, after your school or college. Relive those moments and memories of your childhood!

Have a Family Picnic
Not only our friends, but our family members are the ones who become a bit secluded from our lives. The reason is our work pressure, and of course it is undeniable that our job comes first in every aspect of our lives. We only meet our folks while taking a ‘hasty breakfast’ or during a late dinner. So, for those busy people who do not get ample chance to spend some quality time with their family, a family picnic would be a great idea. Let them know that even if you are busy, you still care for them and love them more than ever!

Thank Him
Not only do we forget about people, but we also tend to miss out something vital; to thank the Almighty for all His blessings and favors that He has showered upon us. Take some time out and visit the church. All your tiredness and all those things that keep your mind from being calm and peaceful, will seem to drain away from your body. People who believe in Him never fail to feel His unexplainable presence in their lives!

These were some fun things to do on a Sunday and enjoy the ‘off’ from your office and work! Sundays are all about finding some leisure time for yourselves and your near and dear ones. For some people, an old saying always holds true; ‘Work hard and party harder’ and some workaholics enjoy saying, ‘Thank God it’s Friday!” Apart from the above mentioned ideas, you can also come up with more exciting plans to make your Sunday a special one. It all depends on what you like and desire for.

Have a great Sunday!


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